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Will Insurance Cover My Roof Replacement?

damaged roof

Your roof is one of the largest investments on your house, making it more expensive to replace or repair. You're probably wondering if your homeowners insurance will cover your roof replacement?

The answer to that is tricky: in some situations, yes, and in others no. So what differentiates insurance covering your roof replacement or not?

Understanding roof replacement coverage: roof replacement is a significant expense that many homeowners hope to mitigate through their insurance policies. The coverage for roof replacement largely depends on the cause of the damage, the terms of your insurance policy, and whether the damage is sudden and accidental or the result of gradual wear and tear.

Cause of Damage

Insurance policies typically cover sudden and accidental damage to your roof caused by events such as storms, hail, fallen trees, or fire. These incidents are often referred to as "covered perils" in insurance jargon. If your roof sustains damage from such events, your insurance policy is likely to cover the cost of repair or replacement, minus any deductible specified in your policy.

Gradual Wear and Tear

While insurance policies are designed to provide financial protection against unforeseen events, they generally do not cover damage resulting from gradual wear and tear or lack of maintenance. If your roof deteriorates over time due to age, neglect, or improper installation, insurance is unlikely to foot the bill for replacement. It's essential to conduct regular inspections and maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your roof and avoid potential disputes with your insurance provider.

Here's a quick breakdown of what might/might not be covered by insurance for your roof replacement (*this list is not all-inclusive and there may be exceptions).

Covered By Insurance

NOT Covered By Insurance


General wear and tear due to age


Gradual damage due to lack of maintenance


Cosmetic damages


Falling objects (like a tree)


Policy Terms and Coverage Limits

The specifics of your insurance policy play a crucial role in determining whether roof replacement is covered. Review your policy documents carefully to understand the extent of coverage, any exclusions, and the deductible amount applicable to roof-related claims. Some policies may offer replacement cost value coverage (RCV), which pays for the full cost of replacing your roof, while others may provide actual cash value coverage (ACV), which factors in depreciation. Be aware of any coverage limits imposed by your policy, as these may affect the amount you can claim for roof replacement.

Filing a Claim

If your roof sustains damage that you believe is covered by your insurance policy, it's essential to act promptly. Document the damage by taking photographs and filing a claim with your insurance provider as soon as possible. An adjuster will assess the extent of the damage and determine whether it qualifies for coverage under your policy. Cooperate fully with the claims process and provide any requested documentation to expedite the resolution.

Receive an Estimate For Your Roof Replacement

Once your claim is approved, you’ll get an estimate for the scope of work from the insurance company for your roof replacement. Your roofing contractor must follow this scope of work exactly to ensure you get the recoverable depreciation to cover the full cost. 

Unfortunately, a roofer can rarely do the job for the initial amount insurance offers. This is because most insurance estimates leave off items needed. To get the full cost covered, you will likely have to supplement your claim.

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Will insurance cover my roof replacement?

The question of whether insurance will cover your roof replacement is multifaceted, with several factors influencing the outcome. While insurance typically covers sudden and accidental damage from covered perils, gradual wear and tear are generally excluded. Understanding the terms of your insurance policy, conducting regular maintenance, and promptly addressing any damage are crucial steps in ensuring that you're adequately protected. By staying informed and proactive, you can navigate the complexities of insurance coverage and safeguard your home against roof-related woes.

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